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Gulls were in a frenzy, fighting like lunatics on the boardwalk. Melanie thanked Stuart as she opened the car door and got out. The smell of fish and guts infiltrated her nose.  She frowned slightly as Stuart pointed to the side.

“Follow the walkway and you will find the pub,” he instructed her, as he walked off to one of the open market stalls. The sunlight returned as the clouds began to dissipate.

Melanie looked at the wooden slats and noticed a lot of the wood was stained red. Probably fish guts, she thought, as she began walking up a few wooden steps to the right.

docks2cMelanie made her way past a few men. She turned, giving a death stare to a rather chubby man with black hair who thought it was a good idea to whistle at her. She turned again and proceeded forward. From around the corner she heard something familiar. Not a laugh and not a giggle, but a combination of both, sweet yet wicked all in one. Melanie smirked to herself as she walked around the corner of a large empty pub.


Her thick black wavy hair glistened in the sunlight as she spun around to Melanie.

“Tiecks!” Melanie said smiling.

“Hey Mel!” she replied, running over to her sister.

“You do realise those jeans were made for a seven-year-old?” Mel joked, as Tieckey spun around. The sisters were built small, but when it came to breasts, Tieckey got both her and Mel’s share.

“So?” Tieckey gushed, “What do you think of the size?”

Mel walked past her into the back of the pub. “Who were you laughing with?” Melanie asked, quite confused.

“I was on the phone,” she giggled as she pushed past her sister. “Look at this…” Tieckey pointed proudly to the large oak bar table.