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Melanie stayed silent, as her mind pondered on the information she had read about Black Mountain. From the rumours of evangelistic cult killings in the mines that were covered up… to the Voodoo…and necromancy, the list was endless of the terrible things that had happened on the island. Then the children, she thought, all those children just vanishing from the orphanage. Melanie looked up at the Police Station as a short man stood outside with his arms folded. He had a dark brown mole on his right cheek. He stared at her as they drove past. So many shops she thought, as they made their way through the lively village.

Stuart’s Rolls Royce driving into town

Stuart took a turn down a steep hill with a view of the ocean in front of them.

“What’s on that piece of land?” Melanie asked, pointing to the southeast isle just off of Black Mountain.

“That’s Black Mountain Prison,” he replied. “It is situated on Waldrom Isle,” he concluded.


Melanie had read up on the prison while she was doing her research; a lot of the inmates had committed suicide, and even though there was not a lot of crime on Black Mountain island they opened their prison doors to other prisons outside of the island that were at full capacity.

“Is there a lot of crime on the island?” she wilfully baited Stuart.

Stuart stopped at the stop sign and looked at her. “You have so many questions Melanie, but why do I get the feeling you already know all the answers?” he asked, as her pale cheeks turned slightly pink.

“I’m just trying to make conversation,” she lied.

“There are a few prisoners in there.” Stuart continued, “It keeps the warden busy.” Stuart pulled up at the docks.