About Welcome to Black Mountain

black-mountain-logo3Welcome to Black Mountain was an idea that I have had for a long time, the thought of being trapped on an island with no means to contact the outside world sparked all kinds of intriguing scenarios in my mind.  I loved the idea of having poor or no mobile reception as it made me think of the copious   amounts of horror and supernatural movies I watched growing up as a child. The idea of having a mixed diverse group of inhabitants all with their own secrets and most of those secrets being deadly ones just made it all that more interesting for me. The next step was bringing in outsiders which had no idea what the island was actually about, and then I thought what if those that ventured to the island somehow had ties to the island. Welcome to Black Mountain has an air of mystery to it inspired by my love of murder mystery board games and the sleuth TV shows that I used to and still do watch reruns of.  I’m a big fan of scavenger hunts and for those hardcore fans they will appreciate that Welcome to Black Mountain will not disappoint when it comes to clues, be it through the art work or notes or the myriad of interactive content that comes with this story. I am beyond passionate about my island and it grows more and more everyday. The element of survival and survival horror that will be evident within the story is due to the fact that I am a gamer by heart and my influences in gaming were mainly that of the survivor horror genre. Mystery, horror and intrigue are only a handful of things to come, even I am surprised at how certain situations are developing within the story. Welcome to Black Mountain is like a vault filled with nightmarish creatures and urban legends all confined to an isolated detached piece of land surrounded by water.

About the Author

Peter Morgan was born in the small city of East London South Africa on the 11th of March 1982. He would be the first to tell you that he has the soul of a writer. He wanted to do nothing but write from the tender age of seven. Peter moved to the United Kingdom with his partner to discover more of what the world had to offer and fell in love with the beautiful country. “The myth and Legends could keep me writing for the rest of my life” he joked when asked about the United Kingdom.  He worked on many manuscripts over the years but finally found his calling when it came to Welcome to Black Mountain. “The puzzle pieces just fell into place.” He said when asked why the serialized supernatural horror was his proudest achievement. Peter is passionate about not just building his online interactive novels but also to publish a vast array of books. “I want the stories I tell to reach people from all corners of the world,” he explained before concluding “I want to welcome them to get lost in my creative madness.”

About the Artist


Artist, illustrator and web designer Mike Stuart grew up and lives in Bristol… an pretty English city currently experiencing a remarkable cultural renaissance and a very inspiring place to live. He studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths in London from 1985-88 and has worked as a cartoonist, animator and developer in e-learning, as a new media tutor, created visuals and backdrops during the rave era and currently freelances as a web designer, graphic designer and illustrator.
Welcome to Black Mountain has given Mike the opportunity to use all of his previous experience in one wonderful project, where he is able to explore his creativity fully and incorporate marketing and design ideas to realise his goal of being able to draw all day, every day, which makes him very happy.