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Melanie pulled open the door and walked out to the front of the Manor. She made her way down the stairs and onto the cobblestones, then over to a monstrous water feature that towered in the centre of the drive. She ran a hand over the weathered cold grey marble, turning her hand to find grey flecks on her fingers. On further inspection she realised that the marble was actually white and had not been maintained for what looked like years.

Melanie walked around the circular fountain examining the marble sculpted ravens.  It was as if the unkindness of ravens were in flight, spiralling up towards the heavens. Melanie took a step back as she heard a car driving out from the side of the Manor. She looked at the top of the sculpture and noticed a gargoyle wearing a crown. The water flowed from his eyes and mouth. Something about the water feature became creepy, just as Stuart pulled up at the side. He smiled at Melanie who began walking towards him.

“I didn’t realise the Manor made this kind of money,” she teased, as she tapped her finger on the silver Rolls Royce.

Stuart turned the ignition off and opened the car door; he walked over to the passenger side and opened it for Melanie.

“Why thank you, kind Sir,” she joked.

Stuart took a white handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped over where she had tapped her finger. He shut her door and made his way back to the driver’s side.

“What Rolls is this?” she asked, barely giving him time to get in. Stuart turned the ignition on and put on his seat belt.

“This is a 1959 Silver Wraith,” he explained, pulling away.