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Peter watched as Melanie climbed out of the lift; her blonde hair bounced as she flicked it back almost in slow motion. He grinned to himself as she stood before him.

“Hi Pete,” she said.

To which Peter shook his head.  “The name’s Peter,” he corrected her.

She narrowed her hazel eyes and smiled. “My sister has ended up at the pub,” she explained to Peter, while adjusting the front strap of her lace top revealing what looked like a tiny red devil tattoo above her left breast.

Peter nodded. “Yes,” he acknowledged. “She called in earlier. I have the note here,” he said, pulling it out from his diary. He passed the note to Melanie, saying, “Tieckey has gone straight to the pub and will arrive at the Manor later.”

Melanie asked Peter if there was a driver to take her to the pub as she was waiting for news on her rental car, to which Peter nodded.

“You’re in luck,” he told her. “My partner Stuart is going to the docks.” He explained, “It’s not even a minute’s walk from the Marina, and, if you go outside now, I will instruct him to pick you up.”

Melanie thanked him as she turned towards the doors.

Peter stopped her, as he asked “Is Tieckey her real name?”

Melanie turned back to him, “her real name is Lorraine, but she was so tiny as a child that everyone nicknamed her Twiggy.”

Peter seemed amused, “then how did it turn into Tieckey?” He asked.

Melanie grinned. “I couldn’t pronounce it so I called her Tieckey,” she answered, as she began walking towards the large oak doors. Melanie looked up at the large crystal chandelier as she walked towards the entrance.

“Have a good day Mel!” Peter sneered.

To which she replied, “You too Pete!”