I have tracked this beast for many days and have finally found its lair, burrowed down into catacombs it haunts the night.  It moves at incredible speed with thrashing claws and gnashing jaws. Although I am convinced Ive heard it speak to me in the darkness I fear that my quest for vengeance has driven my mind to madness.  Daylight is the only time the beast is vulnerable as it will be deep in slumber. I will make my move at the first sight of dawn.  –  Miguel 1690
I have come to Black Mountain in search of the beast who snatches children from their beds and devours them in the darkness of night. I have not looked the beast in its eyes which means my soul is still mine but the beast seems to have a fascination with me. I will infuse my arrow heads with poison from the herbs I found in Renshaw forest. – Myrrhtear  1769

I have faced the beast and lived to tell the tale, it was humongous and ferocious. Its eyes were as black as its pelt, most of its teeth jagged and stained. As it came towards me I prayed to St Pernicious to aid me and destroy the fowl beast. It growled as I could hear a bear roaring in the distance. It struck me down using its thick strong bushy tail, It howled before running off into the woods.- Sister Cyprian 1812


I have been sent on a mission to find a giant black beast by the Elders, every time someone tries to kill it they end up as a pile of bones. This beast can transform into a cloud of black smoke, it has the ability to look into your soul and use your own mind against you. But they send me a seventeen year old boy to kill it. I have read up on my demonology and I fear this beast is indestructible. If you read this you know I have either become one of this demonic creatures victims or the fates have favoured me and helped me survive. – Miskelly 1910

I finally arrived on Black Mountain Island. I found the Beast lurking around the northern part of the island but there is possibly more than one living here. Its much larger and more intelligent than documented. I will need to earn the locals trust so I can get the information I need to find and destroy this ancient Beast and the other creatures that reside here. L- 2016