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He felt around him for something to hit her with as she pinned him down and climbed onto his chest. It was difficult for him to make out her features, but as she pulled his jacket forcefully towards her, her wild eyes calmed momentarily as they connected with his.

At that moment he seized the helmet he had dropped, striking it against her head. He struck her repeatedly until her grip finally loosened from his jacket, blood seeping from her right eye. Diego quickly pushed the woman off of him and stood up.

Looking down at her, he frowned as he couldn’t understand what he was seeing.  She had a manacle around her neck. She hit her hand down into the mud and tilted her head backwards looking up at Diego.  Her knuckles were badly bruised and the skin was torn around them. He anxiously recovered his phone from the ground, just as the woman reached out for his leg once again.  Luckily he managed to release her grip as she was too weak.  Diego shone his flashlight onto her.

“Oh my God!” he shouted in disgust.

Her hospital gown had ruffled up, exposing hundreds of infected stitches.  Diego wanted to vomit as blood oozed from the woman’s severed waist…

She groaned pitifully as Diego escaped her clutches and ran towards his moped…

He heard the clanking of the manacle and spun around to find that the woman was gone.  He desperately shone the phone’s flash from side to side, but there was nothing there.

Diego thought he could still hear something dragging in the darkness. Before it could reach him again, he jumped on the moped and turned it around, riding off as fast as he could. His mind was in a frenzy as he wondered about Christian and what that woman or thing was.

In the darkness the woman crawled on the floor finding a shard of Diego’s visor from his helmet. She jabbed it into the side of her mouth cutting open the stitching.

“Help!” she shouted out, as the chains on her manacle pulled tight. She let out a scream as something wrenched her forcefully into the darkness. Diego rode as fast as he could. The rain began to pour down once again as he rode up the twisty road towards the Manor.