I have tracked this beast for many days and have finally found its lair, burrowed down into catacombs it haunts the night.  It moves at incredible speed with thrashing claws and gnashing jaws. Although I am convinced Ive heard it speak to me in the darkness I fear that my quest for vengeance has driven my mind to madness.  Daylight is the only time the beast is vulnerable as it will be deep in slumber. I will make my move at the first sight of dawn.  –  Miguel 1690
I have come to Black Mountain in search of the beast who snatches children from their beds and devours them in the darkness of night. I have not looked the beast in its eyes which means my soul is still mine but the beast seems to have a fascination with me. I will infuse my arrow heads with poison from the herbs I found in Renshaw forest. – Myrrhtear  1769

I have faced the beast and lived to tell the tale, it was humongous and ferocious. Its eyes were as black as its pelt, most of its teeth jagged and stained. As it came towards me I prayed to St Pernicious to aid me and destroy the fowl beast. It growled as I could hear a bear roaring in the distance. It struck me down using its thick strong bushy tail, It howled before running off into the woods.- Sister Cyprian 1812


I have been sent on a mission to find a giant black beast by the Elders, every time someone tries to kill it they end up as a pile of bones. This beast can transform into a cloud of black smoke, it has the ability to look into your soul and use your own mind against you. But they send me a seventeen year old boy to kill it. I have read up on my demonology and I fear this beast is indestructible. If you read this you know I have either become one of this demonic creatures victims or the fates have favoured me and helped me survive. – Miskelly 1910

I finally arrived on Black Mountain Island. I found the Beast lurking around the northern part of the island but there is possibly more than one living here. Its much larger and more intelligent than documented. I will need to earn the locals trust so I can get the information I need to find and destroy this ancient Beast and the other creatures that reside here. L- 2016







I have come across Wraiths before but none like the one residing on Black Mountain. It seems bigger and almost feels prehistoric. It swooped down on the docks and I watched it siphon a soul from a man before my very eyes. It looked towards me as its black withered robe moved as if it had a life of its own. I do not know who it is but I have heard they can take on the appearance of humans at will. – Miguel


The Wraith reminds me of the Grimm Reaper and tomes I have read have insinuated that they work for the Grimm to collect souls. But as Miguel observed this Wraith is different. I witnessed it ripping a tree right out from its roots while it searched for someone trying to escape it. Its skeletal hand has a ruby ring on it, I have never known for these beasts to wear jewellery. Perhaps this will be a clue to discover whom it is in human form. – Myrrhtear 1770


I have found the home of the Wraith. I will confront it when in human form and pray that it does not destroy me before I can banish it back to the bowels of hell. – Sister Cyprian 1813


I have found the ruby ring concealed in a prayer cloth of some sort. Initials on the cloth are too faded to make out. I will take this to the Elders in the morning but will need to find an Inn for the night. – Miskelly 1910

On returning to the Elders I have opened my travelers bag to find the ring and the cloth missing. Someone took it from me while I was sleeping. – Miskelly 1910




Plague Doctor

Discovered a demonic fiend disguised as a Plague Doctor. The smell of sulphur lingers in its wake. It cracked my knee using the cane it carries. Physical attacks dont seem to do much to it. It levitated up into the Dughall Mor trees of Branwen Loch. I feel I know the demon that hides within  and burning the guise might be one way to destroy it but I need to trap it first.- Miguel 1690


While taking time to pray up at Branwen Loch I heard the creaking of leather. High up in the trees a demon stared at me curiously. I closed my eyes and asked for guidance and began reciting a prayer of protection. The demon was gone when I opened my eyes, the smell of sulphur stirred in the air. – Sister Cyprian 1812


News of a Plague Doctor feeding on intoxicated and carefree youth brought me to Branwen Loch. I believe a demon is possessing the clothing as using a banishing spell injured it. What ever lurks within that suit is a very powerful and ancient evil. It hid away from me. I will be back to capture it and take it to the Elders. – Miskelly 1910


I found the creature at Branwen Loch, I will choose my battles wisely. Ive read how Sister Cyprian protected herself using a prayer. I’m going to use a shotgun with rock salt filled shells.  All my predecessors failed to destroy this demon so maybe there is something bigger going on here. – L 2016




pernicious-bestiary2Trapping this clown was no easy feat but his ursine companion was nearly impossible to capture. The clown settled after I reunited it with Calypso its bear. The clowns laugh is frightening my crew, they are convinced he is a bad omen and he will kill us all. – Miguel 1690
The clown and bear have escaped the ship. We smashed into the rocks off the coast of Black Mountain Island and a horde of beasts I have collected are gone. The cursed clown is roaming free on the Island now. All I have left of the clown is his tongue in a jar – Miguel 1691
Searching for the clowns tongue has brought me nothing but despair. Miguel has hidden it well somewhere on the Island. I now wonder if he was friend or foe reading through his notes. The tongue could allow me to use a locator spell and find the clown. He needs to be executed as well as the bear. The countless deaths of young children all point to these heinous creatures. – Myrrhtear 1770

I’m afraid of clowns, Ive seen too many movies of them killing children or just popping up giggling and dancing… Reading about Pernicious and Calypso has struck a cord of fear into my soul. There was a balloon tied to Ravencroft Manors gates filled with blood. Also Ive seen a few at the back of the Manor by the maze. I will come back to this monster and gather my strength first. Or maybe its trying to control my fear first. – L 2016








The witch of Corvus Isle is not the only monstrosity living in those marshlands. While escaping her retched clutches I heard a child crying in the dead of night. I made my way waist deep through the thick sludge and found a basket lying between some bulrushes. A large sack lay with the basket and that is when I remembered the tale of the Bubak. I turned around and made my way off that cursed Isle as I was not equipped to capture or kill the creature – Miguel 1695

On the west side of Black Mountain I made my way through some fields when I heard a baby crying. I searched for a while until I made my way up towards a sack stuffed with straw it had a face made out of gourds They were used to scare away birds from eating the crops but the crops were all dead. I turned to see another on of these inventions but it was different. It stood tall and wore a hat. I prayed for sage passage as I noticed it move. I will tell the order about this creature – Sister Cyprian 1814



The Bubak has evolved in form from what I have read in the scrolls. It has taken on the appearance of a scarecrow now, tall and menacing. Its face sewn out of rags, its eyes as black as night. It chased me through the fields on the west side of the island. Its bottom half of its face are razor sharp teeth. It looked at me and mimicked the sound of a baby crying. Lighting a torch seemed to make it hesitant. I’m becoming more confident in my ability to stay alive. Miskelly 1913


I have once again come across the Bubak, this time much more prepared. As it weaved cloth from those poor souls it devoured out in the farm fields I set it alight. Its large black coat brushed against my skin and it felt like a bats wing would, the velvet texture began to burn but the creature vanished before my eyes, all that was left behind was a sack with a child’s face sewn into it. Probably to lure travelers in for the kill. – Miskelly 1915


While traveling around the Island I came across a few beautiful fields on the west side of Black Mountain, im aware of the Bubak and have noticed a structure of what looks like an old school out in one of the fields. The locals call it Corvus Mellori, a religious school of some sort. But what is interesting is all the scarecrows in the barren fields. – L 2016