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Lorraine looked down at the dust settling on her black heels and cobalt jeggings.

“I love your leopard print blouse Lorraine,” Melanie complimented her style, as Lorraine looked at the freshly made hole in the floor.

“Thank you Melanie,” she said still looking at the hole. “What happened here?” she asked inquisitively.

“Rotten floor boards,” Tieckey replied, as Lorraine pushed her deep merlot coloured hair behind her ear.

“I’ve been thinking of cutting my hair short like yours,” Tieckey claimed, trying to make conversation.

Lorraine smiled.

“Well I just wanted to come and meet the new owner,” she said, ignoring Tieckey’s last statement. She opened her bag and pulled out a card, handing it to Tieckey. “I own Wickedly Delicious,” Lorraine added, as Tieckey turned over the card.

Lorraine offers a Wickedly Delicious business card


Wickedly Delicious was the island’s patisserie, and what the girls did not know, but would find out at a later time, was that Lorraine used all kinds of unusual and eccentric ingredients in her bakes. Lorraine winked at the girls as she turned to the door.

“I must be off,” she announced. “I have a consultation for a wedding cake which they need this Friday,” she explained hurriedly, as she walked towards the doors. “Oh,” she paused looking back at Tieckey, “I like the name Tieckey,” to which Tieckey smiled. “Plus this island isn’t big enough for two Lorraine’s,” she concluded, winking at her before walking out of the pub’s behemoth doors.

“Bye!” Tieckey and Melanie said collectively.