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Stained Glass in the Crimson Heart pub

The windows of the pub were leaded stained glass, as if they belonged in a chapel. The scene was of a woman in a robe succumbing to a large red beast.

“That’s a bit creepy,” Mel admitted and they both laughed.

The ceilings were full of mould and the dust was heavy.

“It should be up and running within a week or two,” Tieckey said enthusiastically. Tieckey suddenly screamed, as her heel hooked in between two wooden slats on the floor. She fell face down onto the ground.






Melanie could not contain her laughter as she helped her sister up. She pulled at the heel stuck in the slat and ended up ripping the slat right out.

“This wood is rotten,” she stated the obvious to a very dusty Tieckey. Tieckey looked down into the exposed part of the floor, she put her dainty hand in the hole and pulled out what looked like a moth-eaten piece of paper.

“What is it?” Melanie asked, as Tieckey turned it over.

“26, 12,” Tieckey read out loud, as she pointed to the bottom right corner of the paper. There was a faded symbol of a snake eating its own tail, “how weird” she mumbled, as both of them were startled by a knock on the pub’s doors.

Tieckey walked to the darkly stained doors and unbolted them swinging them both open. In front of them stood a woman, tall and slender. She smiled at Tieckey and Melanie.

“Hello,” she greeted the girls. Her voice was calm and welcoming.

Tieckey giggled as she invited the stranger into her barren pub. As the woman walked in Melanie could not help but admire her physique. Her legs are so long and slender, Melanie thought to herself as the woman smiled again at both of them.

“I heard the new owner was in today,” she stated, looking first at Tieckey and then at Melanie.

Melanie pointed to Tieckey. “The one and only…” Melanie joked, as Tieckey wiped some dust off her tiny nose.

“I’m Lorraine,” the woman introduced herself to the girls.

Tieckey giggled once again, “my real name is also Lorraine but everyone calls me Tieckey…” she began to explain, but she was interrupted by Melanie.

“Yes, yes, don’t bore us with the details.”