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Down in the foyer Peter ogled at two lively young men who exited the lift. They were so boisterous. The olive-skinned guy came up to the desk, his curly hair was as brown as his eyes. He smiled at Peter.

“Do you have a map of the island?” he politely asked, as his friend behind him was telling him to hurry up.

Peter pulled open one of the drawers and took out a map of Black Mountain island, as the lift started ascending.

“This has everything you will need,” Peter declared, handing the map over to the young man.

“Diego!” the other one shouted, standing by the front door.

Diego turned around with the map in his hand “Christian!” he shouted back.

They both laughed as Diego ran in a zig zag pattern to his friend. Peter shook his head as they slammed the door shut on their exit.

Peter looked at the guest log; Diego and Christian were at the Manor on a break from college. Peter again adjusted his uniform as the lift began descending.

Outside the front of the Manor, Diego and Christian were looking at the map. Christian’s physique was that of a rugby player, while Diego was slimmer, with the body of a football player. Christian pulled the map out of Diego’s hand.

“You are always so impatient,” Diego snapped at his friend.

Christian ignored him. While Christian was mumbling over the map, Diego looked up and noticed that there were many ravens looking down at him from the rooftop. He gave a shudder as Christian walked up to him.

“They are just birds Diego,” he said, as Diego ripped the map out of his hands.