Down in the foyer, the sunlight pierced through the expansive window panes. The luxurious regal red curtains swayed slightly with the breeze as Peter walked in from outside. He looked to the left of the foyer and smiled, admiring himself in the gilded mirror. He ran his fingers through his dark brown hair, examining the fine auburn strands that the sunlight made visible.

Walking through to the rear of the foyer, he opened a door that led to the kitchen. He passed through the kitchen, making his way down a long corridor, until finally reaching the large glass door to the gardens. He opened the door and stood at the top of the stone steps. He looked down at the cobblestone paths running into the Ravencroft Manor’s hedge maze.

Peter walked down the stairs and leaned against one of the monstrous stone gargoyles. He looked up at the windows, to a grand audience of guests staring down at him from their rooms. He rolled his eyes as he followed one of the paths into the maze. A few feet in he could hear footsteps running on the opposite side of the hedge.

Peter smirked as he knew the maze inside out. If one didn’t know any better, they would have thought he was there from its inception. Peter ran forward taking a sharp left, and then he turned, and with alacrity squeezed through a secret passage on the other side, ending up in the middle of the maze.