Trailer Troubles

By Kay-Lin Kimble

Trailer Troubles, by Kay-Lin Kimble

There was tapping at the window, at first Stephen dismissed it as a tree branch testing the window to the trailer home when the tapping grew louder and became more frequent. He was ripped from his sleep, his vision still blurred as the sounds surrounding him came into focus.

Stephen peered around his home but couldn’t see anything although the tapping was still very present. He checked the time on his wrist watch, it read 12:30 AM, he finally gathered up the strength to get up and lethargically dragged his body up to the window where the noise appeared to be coming from.

He peered out the window across the lake that had been blanketed with a soft mist. The sight was soothing but to some degree unsettling, nevertheless, the noise had finally come to a halt and there was nothing he could do about it. As he got back into bed he heard the tapping once again, only now it seemed more desperate, as if it were trying to catch his attention. Stephen peered at his surroundings once more, they were illuminated with blue lights that shone through the opening cracks of the drawn curtains.

“What the hell is that?” He questioned as he placed his feet against the cold floor yet again.

This time Stephen placed the light on, the room erupted in a violently bright light as his pupils contracted into tiny black beads. To his horror, claw marks were spread along the floor and walls as if someone was being dragged away from his bed, clinging for dear life. Stephens breathing became shallow as he crouched down to inspect the claw marks, running his palms over the grooves as if he were searching for stray fingernails when he heard the tapping again. He shot to his feet, remaining dead still as he tried to locate the noise. As he listened to the tapping on the window his gaze fell upon the claw marks, his eyes followed the frantic lines when a cold shiver travelled down Stephen’s spine. He could feel all the fine blonde hairs across his face stand up as dark and twisted thoughts filled his imagination. Stephen felt the wave of fear travel throughout his body as he realized the scratches lead down the trailer and up to the bathroom door where they dissipated. He checked the time again, it was 12:35 now, what felt like a lifetime was merely five minutes.

He scrambled blindly for a knife in the drawer but managed to grab a fork in his haste. His head fixed on the faded red door at the end of the hallway, he began to make his way down the corridor. The red door rattled gently, creating an immense amount of tension. Stephen finally reached the door, he pressed his ear up against it but to his relief couldn’t hear anything, when he suddenly grabbed hold of the handle and swung the door wide open revealing a slightly open window. He let out a sigh of relief as he checked his time again, 12:42 AM. It was way too early for this kind of horseplay when the fork accidentally slipped out of his hand and crashed against the bathroom floor. It was like something had been awakened in the forest and it was headed for Stephen, he sensed the honing in of pure evil as he pounced for the closed door but was trapped inside.

He furiously rattled the door, trying to unjam the handle but it didn’t work so in a last ditch effort he tried to squeeze through the window, throwing his body into the darkness and having his fall broken by the hard earth beneath him. He writhed in pain for a while before getting up and staggering away from the trailer when he noticed the light in the trailer come on. Stephen crept up to the window and peered inside, He could see himself getting up out of bed and staring down the passage. To the right of his double was something lurking in the darkness, its eyes were like glowing embers that pierced his very essence.

Stephen desperately banged his fist against the window but he saw himself head down the the trailer and out of sight. This was impossible, it couldn’t be happening. He kicked the door down in attempt to save his reflection when the ember-eyed beast tackled him, causing the trailer to thrash from side to side. The putrid smell of rotting flesh filled his nostrils as the beast salivated along his face. Suddenly the creature tried to make a get away when Stephen grabbed its stringy, dog-like leg. It clawed desperately at the floor, as it dragged Stephen down the passage. His skin began burning from the friction when he threw his body over so his bare back would take the hit as the creature clawed along the walls, climbing to its hind legs. It swung around just as it reached the bathroom door and carried Stephen off into the trees under the cover of night, never to be seen again.

Suddenly Stephen came to, hearing tapping on the window, it was 12:30 AM when he got up to inspect the noise only to be faced with himself banging mercilessly at the window when he proceeded to place the light on, but to neither of the Stephen’s, none of them could be seen by the other.

Kay-Lin Kimble


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