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They were supposed to come to the island, but for some reason they were never registered entering the island, although Melanie had photographs showing otherwise. She pushed the file aside and looked at the adoption papers at the bottom of her bag; she covered the papers with clothing and zipped the bag back up.  Melanie touched up her hair and make-up and walked to her door.

Mel studies Liz’s files



She figured that everyone would think she was solely on the island for her sister’s new business venture. What she didn’t realise was that more people knew who and what she was than she had bargained for. As she opened the door Netty was walking by, she smiled at Melanie as she walked down the corridor. Melanie watched Netty enter one of the rooms as her phone rang again.

“Hello,” she answered. It was her sister.

“Where are you Mel?” Tieckey asked.

Melanie could hear a lot of background noise coming from Tieckey’s end. “I’m in the Manor,” she replied. “Where are you?”

Tieckey’s voice became slightly garbled on the phone and Melanie could not make out everything she was saying.

“I’m at the pub…” Tieckey huffed and the call was cut off.

Melanie could hear people downstairs as she pushed the button to call the lift up.